Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More work required

Sometimes the time difference between the east and west coasts is a good thing.  Sometimes it's a bad thing.  At 7:30am this morning, definitely a bad thing.  It was Carl, service manager at the boat yard.  As part of their service, they have technicians go over any boat, doing a visual check of all the systems.  Obviously a way to find additional work, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.  *shrug*

Carl sent me some photos:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Got Lucky arrives in Naples

I just got off the phone with the boat yard in Naples.  Lucky has arrived and is in good condition.  They gave her a thorough inspection, even noticing the slight ding I managed to give her all those years ago while learning how to park.  Not easy when you're talking about 30,000 pounds and 45' with no brakes.

I also spoke with the shipping company, giving them my credit card number for payment.  Big number (gulp!), but think of the air miles!  Permission should be given soon for the yard to lift her off the truck and place her on stands, ready for the work to commence.  First job, paint the bottom!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Got Lucky heads to Florida

I Got Lucky, on the truck, shrinkwrapped and ready for her journey

On December 17th, Lucky started her over-land journey to Naples, Florida.  It had taken 2 days to get her on her way, starting in the pre-dawn rain the day before and ending here, wrapped in plastic sat on a truck.

For more pictures taken during the process, look at the web album:

Welcome to our blog.  With Lucky on-route, Steph and I are going to be adding posts opening a little window into our world as we cruise Florida, The Bahamas and The Caribbean aboard our motorboat "I Got Lucky".

We welcome comments.  If there's any aspect of cruising you'd like to know about, from how to install a watermaker (or why) to what do you do? let us know and we'll be happy to post.  Even if we don't know the answer (likely), we'll be sure to bluff our way through.

Yes, there is a double-entendre and no, it wasn't deliberate.  Bet you won't forget the URL though, will you?