Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More work required

Sometimes the time difference between the east and west coasts is a good thing.  Sometimes it's a bad thing.  At 7:30am this morning, definitely a bad thing.  It was Carl, service manager at the boat yard.  As part of their service, they have technicians go over any boat, doing a visual check of all the systems.  Obviously a way to find additional work, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.  *shrug*

Carl sent me some photos:


Westpunt Rental said...

Gee, good thing you had her vacuum wrapped before the trip! can you imagine the mess had you not? success to you both on this great adventure!!
David & Sunshine, jack, natas,kaos and nezz, mio and K2 are pulling for you as well!

Charles said...

wow. maybe they have a cleaning service? maybe a pressure washer? I do not know. but glad she's there. Woo HOO!

Cecilia said...

hihi Martin! it's cecilia!

too bad we didn't get our last dinner before your big cruise D:

you need more photos of the i got lucky! enjoy your adventures!