Thursday, January 8, 2009


We’re off! We had a good trip, uneventful and on time. After a weepy first half I bucked it up with a margarita, stared at photos of my kids on my iphone, and pushed on. It helped a lot that Ghislaine sent me a text when I arrived to let me know that the kids were doing fine and being social - then I was able to relax and enjoy the evening!

And here we are. It seems hard to believe that it’s actually happening. Sitting at a table on the patio at the hotel, enjoying a “cold” day (there’s a cold front here now, it’s “only” 72). Last night we went to an Irish Pub, recommended by the hotel clerk, and had a drink (sitting outside again…) The bar had a “guys beautiful buns” contest, and so we began our trip! There are worse ways. First impression of Naples (though limited) is that there’s a distinct difference attributable to age. The younger people we’ve met have been friendly, chatty, generally very pleasant. On the other hand, Martin was almost run over by a 70 year old on a bike and an old woman slammed a shopping cart into me (I was moving too slowly). So I guess if you’re born here, that’s fine, but get out before it’s too late :-)

The Bayfront Hotel is nice and within walking distance to the boatyard, restaurants, shopping and all so we don’t need to rent a car. We went to see Lucky on the hard. She looks huge up on blocks. Martin will have more to say about all of that.

Gratitude list for the day is long, including friends, the internet and warm days!

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I am envious already.