Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Things Done

Monday was a busy, industrious day. Martin went to Lucky and began reinstalling the hardware back to the top of the boat. He also found a marina where we can stay as live-aboards (not easy in Naples as most marinas have a 4 day/month live-aboard limit). And I had to find the local quilt shop (!) and buy a pair of shorts (I'm useless when it comes to reinstalling heavy objects on a boat anyway...) We have been using our folding bikes as transportation and they have worked out great. Yesterday, however, I was having doubts! I guessed the quilt shop to be about 7 miles away and thought a 14 mile bike ride would be perfect - get exercise and errands done at the same time. Taking to the open road rather than riding around town I realized that the bikes are pretty slow - okay, they have 16 inch tires, they don't exactly "burn rubber". To make a long story short, I felt like I had ridden to Georgia and back by the time I returned. I did a quick google pedometer check and realized I had underestimated my trip, and that my 14 mile ride really did feel like the 24 mile ride that it was. So now I'm questioning my own navigation skills as well...it may be a very long and meandering year ahead!

Sean and Louise arrived in the evening from Ft. Lauderdale where they were in trawler school. They live in their 40' Neoplan bus - touring around the US with their dog, 2 cats and fish (you can read their blog here). We had a great time with them in the evening and are looking forward to spending time on Tuesday with them as well.

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