Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Entertaining on Lucky

Mike at lunch

Monday was our turn to play host.

Just as we were deciding what to do about lunch, Mike called.  He was on 3rd St (another fancy-pants shopping area in Naples) with Jackie and Rachael and they were about to have lunch.  Would we like to join them?  So we jumped on our bikes and met them at Campiello, a very nice Italian on 3rd St.  After lunch we all came back to Lucky and had tea.  It was the first time they had seen Lucky afloat.  The canvas guys had shown up earlier so we even had our cushions back so we could sit outside in the cockpit.

[nautical talk explained]
On a boat, the cockpit is the area at the back where you either fish or drink cocktails, dependent upon your fancy.  You control the vessel from the helm.
[/nautical talk explained]

We planned on taking them out for the day on Friday.  So refuel, practice runs down Naples bay  and trip planning required pronto!

Steph had arranged with Susie to go on a Target run that afternoon so I was soon left alone.  Time for more jobs!  By the end of the day I had completed all the jobs I wanted to get done, including fixing the fender holders, new windshield wipers and fixing a drawer in the galley.

Susie and Armando joined us for dinner - pasta.  I have a "no cook" pasta sauce recipe using tuna, capers and lemon that works really well.  We can now add the stove top to the list of things used for the first time.

Tuesday is the inauguration and we're going around to Susie's to watch.

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