Friday, January 16, 2009

Internet access update

Online in the Starbucks on 5th Av in Naples.  We got a Starbucks card each and can now get 2 hours a day access.  Only 1 purchase a month required, plus we'll get spam from AT&T occasionally.  That's what email filters were designed for, so I'm not anticipating a full inbox any time soon.  As both Steph and I have our favorite sanitized caffiene drink here, it's no real hardship.

The two hour limit is actually a good thing, as it will force us out into the bright light eventually.  If we really need more time, the library is just up the road.  Seeing as I have the heaviest laptop in  existance, I don't think I'll be going that often.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Nice to hear from you Martin. Glad you guys have the time to write so much 'cause I hardly have the time to read it all!!! Anyway, keep writing and have a great trip.