Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"The moment"

For the last week, Steph has been worrying about where we can go to watch the inauguration.  Susie and Armando kindly invited us over to their house.  Armando even came to pick us up!

The pomp and circumstance was interesting to see (I had never sat and watched the ceremony before) and I continue to be impressed with Obama's oratory style.

Susie had put on a fantastic spread and we all tucked in.  At Armando's urging, Susie made pizza.  Homemade and delish!  The only pizza that's comparable would be Sunshine's in Curacao.  I'd be hard put to pick between the two.

Monday's Target run had come up empty on a few things, so Steph and Susie were off again.  I begged off, wanting to start washing down Lucky, and was dropped off at the marina.  The two left, along with a request to find me a nice warm sweater.  It's going to be in the low 30's later this week.  That's below freezing for goodness sake!

Dinner was at "St George and the Dragon", a restaurant that purports to be "English fayre".  What a disappointment.  A mediocre steak house with only one English ale (Bass) and that in bottles.  No "English fayre", either.  We won't be back.

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Cecilia said...

i was surfing facebook (oh please school, can you just start already?? X_x) when i saw Martin's long list of changing status updates, so i decided to visit the blog ;3 hope ya'll are having a good time :D