Friday, January 16, 2009

Moving Aboard

We did it - we live on a boat! Yesterday was a long and eventful day. We had a rough start at the boat yard with work to wrap up but by early afternoon we were out on the waterway doing a "sea trial" with the mechanic, Hugh, on board. Martin says the boat has never run so well and efficiently. We definitely give 2 thumbs up for all the service we've gotten here, they really know their stuff.

I was absolutely thrilled that as soon as we were out of the marina itself, there were dolphins! One even swam right up in the wake of our boat - it was beautiful - they're so big! It didn't hang out though, Hugh explained, because we were going too slow and they like to jump in the wake if it's a big enough wave. How cool is that?

Then Martin paid for the past week's work (yikes) and we met the harbormaster, Joan, and got our keys. We have a bathroom/shower facility and free laundry - yay! (We don't have wifi but the library is nearby.)

We spent a good amount of time "swabbing the decks" and unpacking our things from the hotel. We hadn't been on the boat more than half an hour when a woman came by and introduced herself. She and her husband are living on a 50' trawler docked 3 boats down. They have spent a few months every year for the past several years traveling from Naples, down through the Keys and off to the Bahamas - no way!! Needless to say, we're excited to talk with them (since that is exactly what we hope to do as well). We are hoping to have a drink with them this evening. One of my biggest fears for the trip was being a bit isolated socially. Well so far this hasn't been a problem at all but of course we choose Naples because we had friends here. I'm excited that we're already meeting people at the marina. I can't wait to hear their stories. There is so much to learn.

Back to yesterday... Sue and Armando came over in the evening and we had a house-warming party. I can't imagine a better first night on the boat. We had celebratory tea and cookies. Then they offered to take us to Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods). It feels so good to have a kitchen with real food in it. We came back to a lovely evening of cheese and crackers and wine. The boat was warm and cozy, as was the company. A perfect evening!

This morning we awoke to our first full day aboard. Where is the soap? Did we pack razors? There's no bowl for the fruit? Today is a day to start unpacking, sort everything out and see what we still need to pick up. It is unseasonably cool here so it's a perfect day for staying inside and playing house. Martin has a loaf of bread baking, it's going to be a nice day.


Michael said...

Nice to hear from you too Steph. I'm sure the cats are doing great!

Leslie said...

Here's an idea - post your daily
GPS coordinates. That way I can track your progress on Google Earth.