Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Intermittant Internet

Once we leave the hotel and board IGL, we're not sure what kind of Internet access we'll have.  We know we can find access because we can always come back to the hotel and drink coffee in the lobby while using their wireless.  If we can't get access from the boat, then our posts will become less frequent.  We are still going to write blogs every day, but may not post them up every day.  So, like today, there could be several posts going up at once.  If you haven't already, I recommend subscribing to the blog using an RSS reader (like iGoogle).  That way you can see the new posts as they occur, without having to stop by on the off chance.


Ann said...

I broke down 2 years ago and purchased a USB EVDO modem and router kit. Now I have internet wherever I get cell signal at a fairly decent speed.

Martin said...

Hmmm. Not a bad idea. I'll look into it. Thanks. Oh yeah, thanks about the heads-up on the bottom paint. I asked the yard and it's good for a month out of the water.