Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simple Things

Sometimes it's the simple things that make for a great day. Last night was calm, the least windy day on the boat so far. When it's windy, the water makes a curious "frwap"ing sound against the hull. I'm sure we'll get used to it but last night was totally quiet. I slept a full 7 hours, with no cat-anxiety dreams, and woke up to the gentle sound of a slight rain hitting the hatch. The kitchen is now fully equipped, with home-made bread and fruit. No more hotel food! We have my Mom's dolphin wallhanging and the clock up on the wall (see pic of the day). The sun has come out and it's Warm, we're sitting in the helm, in shorts and a tees, enjoying the [late] morning. Ahh.

Martin is very busy. We've discover a miracle product - Magic Erasers (thanks Susie!) I've used these before but I never had a boat to clean and didn't understand their greatness. Our vinyl seats are dingy and we have scuff marks all over the boat. I spent an hour trying to pull some of it up but nothing worked. Enter the magic eraser... It takes everything off and on a 43' white boat, with white upholstery there is a lot of boat to clean. Martin is determined to scrub the whole exterior of the boat with the erasers, and as they are the size of a sponge, it's going to be a long project! I only have the interior/helm to worry about ;-)

It's likely to rain the next couple of days so we hope get some exterior projects done today (new windshield wipers and fender holders put on, a wash and wax) and we'll get out on the bikes for some running around. We absolutely love having the bikes. Naples is a beautiful town and not too big, we've found we can get around very well with the bikes. Sue and Armando have helped us out when we needed to go farther afield. Oh, and an amendment to my earlier comments on Naples - we've found this to be a very friendly town - young and old! I love that people smile and say hello as your walking or biking down the street. You don't get the averted eyes like in SF!

And my last simple pleasure of today, I discovered yet another awesome app for the iphone. Ever the weather maven, I found that the weather channel has an iphone app. I'm in heaven!

Oh, we were just invited to a "chart party" at sunset at Anne & Hal's (the couple that travels the Naples/Keys/Bahamas route each year). They are going to share with us their preferred charts, marina's and anchoring spots, etc. Another fun night!

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