Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kayaking with Manatees and Leaping Mullet

On Saturday, Sue and I headed north to Fort Myers (about 45 minutes north of here) to the Manatee Park. We had an awesome afternoon. It's a small county park dedicated to environmental education. Florida Power and Light discharge warm water into a canal there and the manatee have adopted the location as their winter home. They have a beautiful butterfly garden as well. We rented a 2 person kayak and set off down the Orange River. We saw several manatee snouts and a tail. They aren't easy to spot but thankfully they sound like a whale when they come up to breathe so we managed to see one up close while in the kayak. The river is full of mullet - it's not just a bad haircut - as well. As we were drifting down the river, fish would jump out of the water vertically - 3 or 4 feet high - and flop back. It was a bit strange, like a fish circus. It was great to spend time with Sue and catch up in such a peaceful place.

Then we all (Martin, Sue, Armando and I) went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. The food was great, the cannoli wonderful... It was a great day!

ps I very friendly woman we met there offered to take our picture and email it to us. She actually took a few and sent them the next day - how sweet is that?!

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