Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Garmin Update

The chart CD arrived today.  They sent me version 2008.5.  It installed fine and I was able to unlock the region of immediate interest to me (SE Florida and N Bahamas) and download them all into my GPSmap 276c.

I then went online to Garmin and attempted to unlock an additional region.  I was able to get as far as a credit card entry form, so I'm assuming I'll be good if I continue further.  I didn't bother as 2009.5 is supposed to be out very soon.  Once it's out, I'll be able to update my 2008.5 to 2009.5 at a cost per region and then purchase additional 2009.5 regions.  I might as well wait until we're about to jump across the Gulf Stream before taking the plunge.

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