Monday, April 27, 2009

Returned from a great visit home

Martin and I had a wonderful time back home. We got to visit with friends and catch up on various appointments (luckily, Martin, and I, had mundane dental appointments ;-)

I wasn't nearly as good at taking pictures over our time at home but I did manage a couple and posted them to the pic of the day. Of course, several are of my "fur-kids". Bean is doing great and George is no longer angry at me. Ghislaine and I had to work at figuring out how to best pill Bean with the evil foaming-at-the-mouth pill she needs once a day. I think we figured it out but oh the trauma/drama! George has a bit of a hip gimp, I think it's arthritis, but he's his very happy, playful self and is totally in love with his new Mom!

We arrived back at the boat yesterday afternoon. Lucky is in good shape with only 1 slight mishap. One of the stern ties that went under the boat rubbed itself right in two. I guess it had been very windy here. A neighbor came by and took the tie off and reworked it for us so Lucky wasn't moving around too much. We thanked him with a bottle of red wine...I Knew there was a reason we have to keep well stocked in alcohol ;)

It feels a bit weird to be back. Just as I was a bit reluctant to head home because life was so comfy on the boat, once I got home, I got quite comfortable with friends and cats... Now we're back in sunshine and blue water. It's a bit of a readjustment to the quiet and solitude. Atlantis is relatively deserted compared to before we left. We were told this is a slow period following spring break. It's very nice and will give us the opportunity to get in some serious water rides without long lines before we head out!

We've extended our slip rental through Saturday (they had been booked after the 29th but had cancellations). It's very windy this week with calm expected toward week's end and hey, we thought we'd try to hold out so we could have a calm passage to Allen's Cay. We'll be going right back to where we visited with my Mom. We have a pic of the boats anchored out next to the iguanas...that's where we plan to go next.

For the next few days we'll enjoy Atlantis, do a bit of grocery shopping and stocking up and get ready to head out on the next leg of the journey...

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