Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Update - Getting Closer!

I thought I'd post a brief update. We were supposed to splash Lucky today but they sent the wrong part on Friday. So we are hoping the correct "supercharger" will arrive today, then we could get Lucky in the water tomorrow or Wednesday.

The next possible adventure is Hurricane Bill. We will leave Lucky at the marina where we are now if the hurricane looks like it's going to come close. The marina is located well up the river and is a good place to weather a storm. Oh the adventure never ends ;-}

Seriously, we're so close to getting Lucky in the water, we're almost there. The new hotel is bright and sunny, has a pool and an oven (yay - I baked quiche yesterday!) I'll post pics today. It's a very pleasant place to hang out. There's a farmers market down the road on Sundays with incredible home-made hummus, we found an awesome sushi restaurant we can walk to, and of course, our friends CJ & Margie are close by...

In other news, we bought our tickets for our visit home - 9/3-9/14. I'm looking forward to visiting with friends, cuddling with my fur-babes, attending Susan Folkman's festschrift, getting my hair cut, and teeth cleaned!

We'll update again soon, hopefully from the water!

[ps: here's the definition of "festschrift" from, I hadn't hear of it before talk of Susan's:

(plural ‐iften)a volume of essays written by the disciples of an eminent scholar or writer, to whom it is presented as a tribute on a special occasion such as a birthday or retirement. The custom and the term (‘celebration‐writing’) originated in German universities in the 19th century.]

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