Monday, August 3, 2009

Yard work done, engine work not so much

So all the yard work is done subject to the final "does she sink" test when we drop Lucky back into the water. We'll be able to test the underwater lights then as well. Turning them on out of the water will cause them to overheat, so we left the ballast and bulbs out to be safe.

I've posted a few more pictures here:

No pictures of the new canvas, I'm afraid. Once we'd put up the canvas and got it fitted correctly, we immediately took it down. No point risking it getting damaged while in the yard. We'll put some pictures up once we're out of the yard.

The engine work, however, has not gone so well. the pulled drive needs a new clutch pack and there aren't any available anywhere. So we have to wait for the manufacturer to make some, send them to Volvo who'll send them out to us. Current estimate is August 10th. Hence our trip to Curacao.

Once the part arrives, it shouldn't take more than a day to fix the drive. Then another half day to put her back in the boat, followed by another day to do all the engine work. Then we can put her in the water and go for a test drive. That, unfortunately, means going all the way out to the ocean. Once we're out there, if she doesn't need to be hauled out again, I'll leave her in Bahia Mar. No point coming all the way up the river just to go back out again.

We have internet access in Curacao, so expect an update or two while we're there.

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