Thursday, July 30, 2009

Change of travel plans - we're outta here :)

So the bad news first - the drive is damaged from having water in the oil and we need a specific part that apparently doesn't exist at this moment - they are being made in the factory! Our mechanic has 5 Volvo drives waiting on the same part. Volvo says they'll be finished in production, shipped and arrive on August 10th. Uh huh. So, that was the straw that broke the keel as it were. All the work to the boat itself is done and paid for. We have about 1 days worth of engine work to do and are hoping that will happen tomorrow or Monday. Lucky can't go into the water without the drive so she's officially beached until the part comes in. Martin has spent the last month, every weekday and some weekends, in 90+ heat in that boat yard. It was really disheartening to hear that we had another {minimum} 2 week wait.

And so, the good news - we're leaving! We decided that we have to get out of the hotel. Last June we went to Curacao and stayed in an apartment in Westpunt at Sunshine Curacao, owned by Sunshine and David. We loved it and had the best time. We're always talking about going back and wouldn't you know it - we are the luckiest people ever! The apartment is free from 8/1-8/15 and though we had to really search (thank you Sunshine for the airline info) we were able to find last minute tickets to Curacao. So we leave on the 4th and return on the 12th. In another stroke of luck, one of the dive masters we met when we were there, Andreas, just returned to Curacao from Germany yesterday! We are so looking forward to the warmth of the people, the serious pet love from Chaos, Nez, Jack and Nates (dogs) and Mio and K2, (kitties) that live at the house, Sunshine & David's incredible food at their restaurant Sol Food on the weekends, and the awesome (Shark-free!!!!) diving. We'll have lots of wonderful pics for the pic of the day when we return. Woo - hoo !!!

Now to brush up on my Papiamento... Bon Dia...

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