Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Month in Fort Lauderdale

Well we're still here! Today is the 1 month anniversary of moving into the hotel. Work on Lucky is progressing - the canvas work is done - we now have a real bimini shade structure and a clear wall that can be put up behind the helm area so that space can be air-conditioned/heated as necessary. Our new batteries are installed and the several other jobs are done as well. There remains a few little things and the big thing - the drive and engine. Once the drive is back and in place we can get back into the water! We may know more about when that will happen tomorrow. We're keeping our fingers crossed for "within a week from now".

So how have we been occupying our time, you ask? Martin is still at the boat during the day but we've had quite a busy social life lately as well. We had dinner with Jack & Barb last week and got to see their house. It was great to see them again and Barb is an Excellent cook - yum! Then on Friday we had drinks with Geoff and Iza aboard Dreaming On, a gorgeous sail catamaran in the marina with us. They had engine trouble and then were struck by lightening so they have been hanging there for a couple of months waiting on repairs. Another couple came as well and we had a really nice happy hour. They will be our "neighbors" when we get back in the water and I hope we'll see more of them. On Saturday we drove out to Naples to visit Mike & Jackie's son Paul, his wife Sarah and their daughter Imogen. Paul and Martin are the same age and grew up next to each other. They hadn't seen each other in about 10 years so it was really nice to be able to visit. We spent the day on the beach (see pics) though the sky all around us was dark and threatening. It was strange weather! Then we went out to dinner with some friends of theirs. It was a really nice day. Sunday, Mart and I went to see Transformers at the IMAX. That was cool! Harry Potter 3D is coming there next week - that's a must!

I've been busy working out and taking advantage of the treadmill here at the hotel. I've even lost a bit of the "boat weight" from this winter (thank God). I'm also getting lots of quilting blocks cut and ready to be sewn on the boat - ah the life of leisure :) We're really, really ready to be back on Lucky and heading north to Delray! We'll post as soon as we know when that will be happening.

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