Thursday, July 9, 2009


So far everything is going really well in Ft. Lauderdale. Martin is overseeing the work being done on the boat (and doing quite a bit of it himself as well!) Our room at the hotel is nice, I love having a kitchen, and the location is perfect, only a mile or so away from the boatyard.

Along with the boat work, we've both been doing a lot of visiting! We had dinner with Jack & Barb who just returned to Ft. Lauderdale from the Bahamas. It turns out that Coconuts is one of their favorite restaurants too. While sitting at dinner I had a "moment" when I looked up and realized that "Arioso", the megayacht-from-hell with the sea plane was docked right in front of us! It's a small world...

We went up to Delray on the 4th to celebrate with CJ, Margie and her sister Diane. We had an awesome time with them (as usual). Their house is absolutely beautiful - colorful and happy and right on the water. We had a great dinner and then went to the beach with thousands of other people - it was a huge local event. CJ showed Martin how to dig a "sand couch" and we all settled in to watch the fireworks in comfort. It was a great day.

On Sunday I took the car and headed to Naples to visit Sue & Armando for a couple of days. We went on a 20+ mile bike ride, chatted away over wine, and I got lots of kitty love from Tru & Blu. Sue & Armando are wonderful, the time passed way too quickly. While I was away Martin hooked up with Peter, a fellow Tiara owner whom we met in the Bahamas.

Now I'm back in Ft. Lauderdale but leaving this evening to go visit my Mom. I feel a bit guilty - Martin is out in the heat every day at the boatyard, but there just isn't much of anything I'm qualified to do there... I certainly can't complain that I have time now to visit with friends and family. Fortunately, CJ & Margie have promised to come down and check in on Martin while I'm away :) I'll be back by the end of next week and we're hoping that Lucky will be ready to get "splashed" then as well.

Being in Ft. Lauderdale this time has been a completely different experience from our first "pre-Bahamas" visit. I can't believe how many wonderful people we've met - and to be able to stay in touch and see them - well, life is very good.

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