Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yard work update

Its been a week since work started on Lucky and a lots happened. I've uploaded a bunch of photographs and you can see them here:

I've also replaced all the lights in Lucky with LED bulbs, including replacing the red "night vision" ones over the helm with blue ones.

So a lot of work has been done. Still to be done:
  • wire the lights and transducer
  • re caulk the rear hull seams
  • new pop-up cleats on the transom
  • new batteries
  • install low level bilge pump
  • replace seal on engine room hatch
  • reseal salon hatch
  • install rod holders for the bimini top
and that's just the stuff I remember. I'm sure there's other things we're having done. There is a list and we will be checking it twice.

No sign of the engine guys since Friday. They should be coming in next week to make a start. As well as replacing the prop shaft seal on the port drive, they're going to:

  • remove the crank shaft fly wheel and get the rust sandblasted off.
  • replace the Volvo Penta strainers with Groco on the vacuum side of the impeller
  • replace all the plastic pulleys with new, steel ones
  • put in two new alternators (I've managed to get two of the four reconditioned)
Once the engines are back together, we'll be able to put Lucky back in the water and finish off any remaining work in the marina.

The canvas guys were a no show this week, but they assure me they'll be in on Monday to make the patterns for the aft curtain. We'll see. They've already taken a deposit so I'm a little stuck. I'm having the yard apply pressure to keep them in the game. There's something about canvas makers....


lacicero said...

Hi Martin and Steph,
I'm in awe of your travels. Here's a link to a story about a yacht visiting the Bay Area. I was sitting at the ballpark when I saw this thing putt by. I'm sure you've seen your share of these.

I'll be in Switz, France and Italy again this August. Stopping in to spend a week (8/16-23) with Robert in Dublin as he visits the Google office there.

Hugs to you both,

Martin said...

Hi Linder!

Funnily enough, when Steph and I took a couple of friends out on Lucky for the day we anchored for lunch outside Sausalito and were next to the very same yacht! We wondered as well how the helo got on and off without chewing up gelcoat. Cajones the size of mooring balls, I guess :-)

The largest yacht we've seen so far is Le Grand Blue in Nassau. So large it was docked with the cruise ships.

Plenty of big boats here in Ft Lauderdale. I saw a 150' yacht on a travel lift last week. Yikes!

We're shooting to be back in the BA the first week or so of September, so keep some time available for visiting with your mates.

Enjoy Dublin. Have a pint for me while you're there.