Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still Hanging in Ft. Lauderdale

Hey everyone. I haven't written in quite a while so I thought I'd send out a quick update. I spent a week in Myrtle Beach with my Mom. It was awesome! I rarely get to visit her in the summer and it was nice to be able to enjoy the beach and boardwalk and get outside together. We had a great week spent relaxing, walking to the beach, checking out quilt shops... I wasn't as good as I should have been with the camera but I did get a few pics! The week spend by and suddenly it was Friday. Martin spent the week at the boatyard, in the heat, overseeing the work being done. Um, yes, I'm feeling a bit guilty!

On Friday night Martin and I celebrated my being back by going to an Italian restaurant down the street. Whoa... It was very cool. I think we stepped onto the set of Goodfellows! We were looking around trying to pick out the big bosses ;-) Saturday Martin and I went up to Delray to visit CJ & Margie. They have a very hard job in this heat. We went to a great restaurant for dinner and, as usual, had a wonderful time with them.

The last few days have been very mellow. I've been fighting a headache that has been dragging on for days and Martin has been very sweet to me while I mope around drugged up. They rarely last more than 4 days so the end has to be near.

Tomorrow night we have plans to have dinner at Barb & Jacks house. We're looking forward to seeing them!

As for the boat...work continues and progresses. Martin is there every day pushing to get people in and get the work taken care of. If we were out of town I think Lucky would be on blocks months while this work goes on. Things always come up that take the work crew away and they have to be pulled back to finish up jobs. Yesterday a sailboat in the marina was hit by lightening - just as work was finishing up repairing it from a lightening strike Last Year. Holy cow. Two strikes in 2 years! I'm glad we don't have a mast!

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