Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Key West Night Life - Oh My

Well my post yesterday proved prophetic. Martin and I went out with Richard and his girlfriend Kathy and had quite the wild, very "Key West-like" evening yesterday. We took a ferry boat over to Sunset Island for dinner at Latitudes Beach Cafe. We timed it so that we saw the sun setting as we ferried over, it was gorgeous. We had a great dinner and found ourselves back on Key West by 8:30, what to do?

With the slightest prodding by Richard we began to stroll Duval Street and upon discussion, found that neither Kathy nor I had ever been to a strip club. How could that possibly be, you ask? I guess I've led a sheltered life... So off we went to Teasers. Wow. There were 2 poles, a woman dancing at each. One pole was the "topless" pole, then they moved the next song to the "nudie" pole. We of course were seated at the nudie pole. A stack of singles appeared from somewhere, I think Richard had something to do with that. I was very impressed with the pole dancing abilities of one woman and attempted to tip her (dollar in the garter) only to learn that as a thank you, you get your face, eh hem, "chest hugged". I left the tipping to Richard after that, after all, I'm a bit shy. Martin sat, wide-eyed and largely immobile. I think he was internally at odds with his British, reserved side.

From there, we couldn't just go home so we were off to The Bull, a bar down the road with live music and a dance floor. The upstairs was clothing optional but we'd seen enough for the night and stuck to the downstairs. We danced away and suddenly it was 11:00 the men were turning into pumpkins so Kathy and I agreed to call it a night and we headed home.

Richard is by far the youngest 73 year old man I have ever met and has more enthusiasm, charm and zest for life than I could ever hope to have :)

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Louise said...

Oh yeah, the dreaded face full of silicone :-) Glad you had a good time!