Friday, February 6, 2009

(Thursday) Getting Ready to Move On

We have a new departure date (tentatively) set for this Saturday. We're hoping to head down to the Little Shark River and anchor out for 2 days/nights and then head to Key West. I think we'll be out of touch for those 2 days. As it is, we've lost our on-boat internet here in Naples (the connection was too poor to justify paying for) and we are back to using our Starbucks account. We won't have the Starbucks option in the Everglades, and I doubt we'll have cell phone reception either. Of course, we'll post asap when we arrive in Key West so you all know that we are okay and didn't fall victims to any large Everglade gators ;-) I'm really excited and really nervous to make our first "passage"!

The weather is sure to turn around soon since I broke down today and biked to the mall to buy pants and more socks. It was 32 degrees last night with a repeat tonight... They say it's turning around Saturday but at this point I'm ready to gear up for cooler temps in the hopes that I won't need the clothes. I'm also feeling very self-sufficient - my bike chain fell off a few miles from home and I was able to fix it - it may seem like a little thing, but it made me feel good!

For the past few months I've been asking Martin to find a way to go offline with our email the way you can with Outlook. (Poor Mart, I'm pretty ignorant how these things work and just assume he can do anything "techy" right away. I get really frustrated when I say "please, make it so" and he can't do it right away :) So Google just rolled out a beta version for this and we have it on our computers. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's to be able to download email when we have a connection, go home and read/respond to emails offline and then be able to send them once we're connected again. I think that will be really helpful when we have more sporadic internet access.

The sun is setting and we are expecting Sue and Armando to arrive soon. Martin is cooking something in the slow cooker that smells very good and we have a lovely bottle of chianti classico reserva waiting. Life is very, very good!

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califdem said...

Steph and Martin, I have been watching this blog religiously. Genuflecting as needed of course. Good luck on your couple days of traveling to the Keys. It's raining here and cold at night and I would rather be in South Florida too at the moment.
We miss you here at Osher!

The Osher Gang