Friday, February 20, 2009

The only constant is change

Our plans included.  Our grand plan for this trip was to head over to the Bahamas, down through the islands to the Turks and Caicos.  Then, when the timing was right, jump down to the Dominican Republic, skip over to Puerto Rico and then hop to the US Virgin Islands.  Once we got to the VIs, we could hopscotch all over the Caribbean as each island isn't more than a few hours from the next.

We've been sharing our plans with the various cruisers we've met.  When we shared our thoughts with the captains around us here at Key West, we've been cautioned that it might be too much to handle.  There are some long passages over open sea that can get pretty rough before reaching Puerto Rico.  As we head down the Bahamas we'll continue to solicit advice.  Maybe we'll discover it's not so bad, or maybe we'll find a captain who's done the trip many times and will accompany us.  Or maybe we'll turn around and head north.

While we haven't given up completely on our Caribbean dream, we're preparing to.  Should we decide discretion is the better part of valor, we'll head back to the eastern seaboard and head north.  Steph's mom is in Myrtle Beach, so we could go there and visit a while.  We'll see.

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Sean said...

Martin and Steph,

FWIW, if we had listened to all the "experienced" RVers and bus owners, we'd never take Odyssey off the interstate further than the nearest big-rig friendly, full-hookup campground. We certainly could never venture down a dirt road, or, heaven forfend, spend a night outside cell phone range of civilization.

I know that venturing into open sea in a boat is inherently more risky than anything we do on the bus. But center-consoles with 75hp outboards make the trip to the Bahamas regularly, and many a cruiser has done the whole Caribbean on a rickety 25' sailboat. Remember, most people, even some seasoned old salts, have very narrow comfort zones.

You might find some inspiration in this post, from Louise:

and also in this blog:
(these folks are now going around the world in a VW microbus; the post I've linked is the start of their now finished circumnavigation in a catamaran).

I think your Tiara is perfectly well-found for the entire Caribbean, and I would not hesitate to do it that way myself. Just watch your weather windows, perhaps bring on a third crew member for the long passages, and take you sea-sick meds if you need them. Remember, boats are a lot like motorcycles -- most of them are far more capable than the rider (or captain).

Don't forget to call us when you need that extra crew...