Monday, February 9, 2009

Little Shark River

We had a wonderful Sunday. We spent the day enjoying being "on the hook'. I started the day by finding out that my Jillian workout DVD is perfect for the small area on the boat, it was no problem! Then, as I had hoped, the dolphins came by to join us as we sipped tea/coffee and the pelicans nose-dived into the water. A good breakfast was had by all. We took the tender down and left Lucky alone (though there were 3 fisherman in the area so we felt okay about it.) We drove up river about a mile or so and then around the mangrove forests. We saw several pelicans, ibis' and egrets. We even spotted a dolphin about a mile up river. It's quiet and peaceful, except for the wind which really kicked up around noon.

Once back at the boat we were surprised to see 3 other boats had come in to anchor. By the end of the afternoon there were 9 of us anchored out, 2 catamarans, 5 sailboats, a trawler and a large motorboat. The sailboats are so beautiful, see the pic of the day to see the lovely picturesque sunset they offered us! One of the sailboats was worried about the water depth, and with reason. We watched a sailboat ground itself in mud that morning out in the bay. With the full moon, the tide was very, very low and the bay was only about 5 feet deep. (We draw about 3.5 feet but most sailboats, if I'm correct, draw more like 5 -6 feet). We were so shocked to wake up and see that a good portion of the north part of the anchorage was exposed mud. Martin did a great job of picking an anchorage site for us - we were just far enough away that we were fine.

We watched a truly spectacular sunset while eating outside and drinking Mart's favorite, a little Asti, to celebrate the beauty, (sorry Greg!) and then watched the moon rise. It was a full moon and the water eventually sat like glass. It was beyond gorgeous.

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