Saturday, June 6, 2009

Enjoying the Routine

We've been at Warderick as long as we've stayed anywhere since leaving Nassau. We really like it here. Life has a bit of a pattern to it. It's sunny, it's cloudy, wonder if it will rain? At 4:00am it's very likely the storm will hit and all hell will break loose. When the sun is out we go snorkeling at least once a day. Or maybe to the island for a hike. We have the radio on all the time now. We've met enough people that it's fun to listen in and see where people are and what they're up to. We can keep in touch with CJ & Margie too as they're just a few miles south of us. Boats are constantly coming and going from the moorings and passing us in their dinghies waving. Most evenings have been social, gathering on someone's boat or on the beach, or porch of the park headquarters in rain. The people we've met are so interesting - everyone has a cool story of what they are doing here and how... We have internet which is awesome, especially when it rains. And I adore the Sugar Birds - they've become quite comfortable on the boat.

Yesterday was a pretty sunny day. We had business to take care of in the morning (it involves pumping out, don't ask). When we were back from that little trip into the sound, I gathered my courage and we grabbed the snorkel gear and off we went - right back to where ol' reef shark was. I jumped in and stayed in. I was so proud :) That done, we headed back to the boat and got ready for dinner. Barb & Jack came over and we had a really nice time. (They headed out this morning on their way back home to Florida.) Then at 4:00am all hell broke lose again - pounding rain and wind and lightening. It was an early morning for us. The sun was up and out by 9:00 though so we did the hike we've been wanting to do - all around the island. You walk across the north end to Boo Boo Hill and then hike the coral cliffs down the eastern side. Cut over to the west side and walk inland paths from beach to beach. It was gorgeous and took 4 hours. We saw several tropic birds (I took a pic to try to show their tails, they are so beautiful), several mockingbirds, many curly tailed lizards, and a hutia ("who-tee-ah" guinea pig type rodent) scared us to death making a racket in the palms. we're both pretty exhausted right now...but preparing some chicken salad for the happy hour social on the beach in a couple of hours. Every Saturday there is a 6 O'clock social on the beach.

We've decided to stay here until Monday. Then we'll head to Hawksbill Cay. Margie & CJ will be arriving there Sunday or Monday too. I'm so excited to see them again! There are really high winds forecast for Thursday and Friday. It looks like something a bit nasty is blowing in. So we'll try to get a spot at Highborne Marina for Thurs/Fri nights. If they are full we'll stay at Hawksbill I think. It's a mooring so we won't drag even in high might just be a little uncomfortable.

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