Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Living on Land

It's been a busy few days in Ft. Lauderdale so far. On Monday, a Volvo mechanic came out to take a look at the boat. We have a few issues that need to be addressed including water in the port drive (an issue "fixed" in January in Naples), a dead alternator and a fuel error on the port engine. Yesterday we went down the river to the Lauderdale Marine Center. It was an exciting trip down a narrow river - we ended up encountering a huge barge and the Jungle Queen - oh the excitement! The marina is right next to the work yard where she'll get pulled out and we thought it best to just get there asap and be done with the travel.

Today, we moved into a suite at the Candlewood Suites and rented a car. We have a kitchen and full fridge here which is great because Lucky won't be hooked up on land and we would have lost our fridge/freezer goods. It feels weird to be back on land, it's been a couple months since we were home. I felt like I was abandoning Lucky in the nursing home of marinas (the boats there are all getting worked on...) But it's nice here and tomorrow we move into a 1 bedroom suite - yahoo! We'll have a big tv with a DVD player (no more Lost episodes on the computer screen), fast internet, and 2 big rooms - Mart and I live close on Lucky, space is nice ;-}

Martin will post about all the things we're getting done in more detail. He spent the day on-line and on the phone arranging for several people to come by tomorrow. We'll pull Lucky out of the water in the morning and then the fun begins!

In the meantime we have lots of fun stuff planned! We contacted Jack & Barb (whom we met in the Exumas) and the timing was perfect - they returned home (to Ft. Lauderdale) today and we're meeting them for dinner at Coconuts tonight. We're driving up to Delray on Saturday to spend the 4th with CJ & Margie (and pups/parrot). The boat yard is closed Friday-Sunday for the holiday so we plan on playing and getting some miscellaneous things done.

In the next couple of weeks Mart will be hovering over mechanics and I may be off visiting :)


Tokyo Biker Mommy said...
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Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Coconuts?? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0019777/

Steph said...

That looks like a fun movie - a netflix rental in the future I believe :)