Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lots o' sharks & happy hours

So, I tried to convince myself that sharks are more frightened of me than I am of them so they run away - therefore the chances of running into yet another one - in pretty shallow water no less - was minimal. Not! Martin and I went snorkeling in the mooring area at Warderick. There are beautiful coral heads and huge lobsters there. Unfortunately there also was a huge, 7 foot shark as well (reef or lemon, not sure). This time I was able to stay calm enough to grab Martin and make sure he saw too and we sloooowly made out way back to the dinghy which was tied to a snorkel mooring that seemed very, very far away. Splashing attracts sharks as it mimics a fish in distress - so you Have to stay calm and not make a mad dash. I don't even think the shark looked our way - he was swimming at the bottom doing his thing and ignoring us. I'm almost happy that we are *once again* having horrible thunder/lightening/rain today because I have an excuse not to get in the water. So, the next sunny day I know I have to get back in or there's a good chance I may hang my snorkel gear up for good and never look back...

After that excitement we came straight back to the boat - I wasn't about to go anywhere deeper to snorkel and all the sites here are deeper... Then a boat came into Warderick - a 43 foot Tiara, Sharon Anne. They tied up right next to us so we yelled over that we thought they had good taste in boats :) We met Len and Sharon in the afternoon and they gave us a tour of their boat. Their’s is a few years newer than Lucky. It's fun to see how someone else has decorated the same boat and how they are using the storage areas, etc. We had drinks on their boat and then we all went over to Island Lady, a 50 foot motor/sailboat of Bennet and Jan's. They invited us, and Jack and Barb over for happy hour. It's the first time I've been on/in a sailboat. It was gorgeous and more spacious than I would have thought. We had a nice evening chatting with everyone. Later in the afternoon another 2 Tiara's pulled in - a 55 ft and a 38 ft. It looks like a Tiara Rendezvous here now!

Martin and I were talking this morning about how nice it is here. You are moored out so you have some space like an anchorage and it's been wonderfully quiet at night. But you have a community here as well and the beach where people can meet up... I hope they weather turns back to sun soon!

Well speaking of, a boat in the harbor just announced over the radio to organize a happy hour at 5:00 on the beach or headquarters’ porch if it's everyone should be "boat crazy" by then Yay!

Martin and I are about to dive into the back storage room and pull everything out, take inventory and repack. It's getting crazy back there and a rainy day is as good as any to work on it.

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