Friday, June 26, 2009

We've made it to Cat Cay

We're almost back to the states. We stayed at Hurricane Hole for 2 nights waiting for the seas to calm down. Our time at Hurricane Hole was very quiet, especially after Atlantis. The last couple of days at Atlantis we met a bunch of people and toured a couple different *gorgeous* boats. Ute and Mark spent hours giving us a detailed tour of their 58 foot Kady-Krogen (see pics). Oh my God it's incredible! We also got to tour the 58 Tiara that Martin has been lusting over (another Wow!) The owners, Kurt & Amy, invited us in and we had a great evening having drinks with them the day of the tour and the next evening too! We met another couple on a 43 Tiara like Lucky, Peter and Angela, and had a drink with them as well while we discussed the boat and boating. Ah-hem, we had to dry out at Hurricane Hole after all that socializing. Seriously though - we've met such nice people and had such a great time! It's weird, the first time at Atlantis we were there for over 2 weeks and didn't meet a soul...

Our last 2 days we chilled, had lunch at the Poop Deck, did laundry, and I sat around dazed and confused on Imitrex. We had a couple serious lightening storms come through. This morning we headed out before 8am and found we were leaving with the Marine Max floatilla - dozens of boats all leaving the harbor together - it was kind of cool! (see pics) We were able to maintian 17 knots which isn't too bad (just under our sweet spot of 21). Just before Cat Cay we hit a serious rain storm (again see pics). After watching a dozen lightening strikes hit the water around us I was more than happy to drive out of it and into Cay Cay Marina.

It's really, really hot so we're hiding inside until sundown and then we'll check out the restaurant here. We've heard it's really nice. This is a private island so you can't leave the marina grounds (or stay more than 2 nights). I find that kind of weird.

Anyway - we're off tomorrow morning for Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale. Martin and I are both terribly excited to have use of our iPhones again :)

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