Monday, June 8, 2009

Off to Hawksbill Cay

We've had a great time at Warderick but after a week here, we're feeling the itch to move on. (I am going to miss the bananaquits though!) Yesterday was a quiet day. It rained until late afternoon. When it got a bit clear we jumped in the dinghy and made a tour of the south side of the island which we saw on our hike. We chatted with CJ & Margie too - they went up to Hawksbill yesterday.

This morning it's raining *again*. I had to smile when Michelle at the office said "it's never this rainy here this time of year". It's been the same the whole trip - an unusual weather year... The good thing is that they've downgraded the forecast winds for the weekend from near 30 mph to <20. Sustained 30 knots would simply not be fun, at all. It also looks like we have some sun in the forecast too.

Our itinerary for the next 10 days is very weather-dependent. The mooring balls at Hawksbill or getting a slip at Highborne are the best options if we have serious winds. We would also like to stay at Norman's again but that anchorage is best with easterlies. So we'll be playing it by ear. We are due back to Atlantis in Nassau on the 16th. My friend Meliza is arriving on the 18th - YAY!

We'll be online if we stop at Highborne or can access it at MacDuff's...if not, we'll see you the 16th!

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