Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weather turns bad

What a surprise. We make plans to travel and the weather turns bad. This after a month of ideal conditions for crossing.

We were supposed to leave Nassau today, crossing the Tongue of the Ocean and the Bahama Bank to Cat Cay. Instead, we're staying two, maybe three additional nights. There's a huge frontal system over Florida and The Bahamas that has kicked up wind and sea conditions beyond our comfort level.

Its crazy here at Atlantis. They're expecting 30+ boats today as part of a Marine Max (a chain of boat dealers) expedition. Along with the incoming, loads of folk here want to stay to wait out the weather. Normally this isn't an issue as the weather that prevents boats from leaving also prevents boats from arriving. The Marine Max crowd, however, are coming from The Abacos, NE of Nassau, and the conditions are more clement in that direction. Clement enough to enable them to make their crossing.

We've been fortunate to get another night (tonight) here in Atlantis and then two nights at Hurricane Hole, the marina next door. Sea conditions should have calmed down enough by Friday that we can leave, though we're hoping we can be going on Thursday. Both Cat Cay and Bahia Mar have been told we're waiting for a weather window and are fine with us coming in "whenever".

We'll post here when we know a little more.

Sigh. I guess we'll just have to go have another "Miami Vice" to sooth our anguish. ;-)

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