Monday, June 15, 2009

Highborne Cay Marina

We've had a great weekend at Highborne Marina. Friday evening we had a barbque and an early night thanks to the mosquitoes - they grow them huge here! Saturday we spent on the beach and Mart and I played on CJ & Margie's jet ski! It was awesome - and it goes faaast. In the afternoon we toured a 1999 50 ft Nordhavn that is here at the marina. It's for sale, hoping to sell end of 2010. Oh she's lovely... Then we all had dinner on Lucky - Martin prepared a new pasta dish that was great. Sunday we hung around the boat, sat reading on the beach for a while and generally enjoyed a lazy Sunday...

We're heading out to Norman's this morning to meet up again with CJ & Margie (they left yesterday). We have one night there and then we're off to Atlantis. Margie and CJ will be in Atlantis (arriving Wednesday) for a few days on their way back to Florida and of course my friend arrives Thursday!

I got pictures of the shark and barracuda that were swimming with CJ & Margie - Yikes! They're in pic-of-the-day2 under 6/11/09.

Here's the screen we get from Highborne Marina when we go to log in...

WiFi Internet Access is restricted to Marina guests

Contact the Marina Office for a Username and password.
Internet access is $10 USD per day.

Note: If the 'Net seems slow, please keep in mind that you're on a boat, in a marina, in the Bahamas, on a Wireless signal, on a satellite link 22 thousand miles each way from the Internet. In short, even at it's best, the service will be slower than it is from any of the hard-wired services on the continents. So, while you're waiting for that web page to load, take a minute to look out the window and imagine how many people are sitting in their office staring at a picture of where you are! (grin..)

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Louise said...

LOVE the wifi sign. Too true!

Sorry you're having mechanical issues, but this too shall pass.