Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Man, A Plan - The Bahamas

Nope, doesn't quite work.

We've been getting ready to go for a while now.  Today was the final few tasks.  We filled up with Diesel and did a huge shop of groceries.  Mainly Seltzer water, chips, wine and Smirnoff Ice.  As you can see, we have our priorities straight!

Tomorrow we leave Fort Lauderdale and head to Cat Cay.  It's a small private island just south of Bimini.  We'll clear customs and immigration there, refuel and have a celebratory meal at the swanky  restaurant there.

Thursday we'll leave Cat Cay and head the 12 miles north to Bimini.  We're going to be docked at the Bimini Blue Water Resort.  I'm not sure how long we'll be in Bimini.  We'll try to go diving and use the Snuba.  I've booked us in through the weekend, but I'm sure we can stay longer if we desire.

Our next date to hit is the Marina at Atlantis in Nassau on the 1st of April.  This is quite the resort.  It'll be like pulling up and tieing up to the Bellagio in Las Vegas!  The smallest vessel allowed in the marina is 40', so we're definitely the small fish in this pond.

Between Bimini and the 1st, I think we're going to explore the Berry Islands.  There's not much there, so we'll hang out on the hook a lot.  Maybe more snorkling and snuba.

Steph's mom will be visiting us while we're in Nassau and we'll plan on heading over to the Exumas for a few nights to give her an "on the hook" experience.  Then we'll head back to the Bay Area for a couple of weeks to catch up on mail and stuff.

We're being kicked out of Atlantis on the 29th, so we'll be back in time to head out.  Probably back to the Exumas.   We're hoping to reach Staniel Cay by May 11th to meet up with Richard.

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