Monday, March 2, 2009

On the Hook Again (Saturday)

We've spent the last 2 nights anchored out in Biscayne Bay. The passage was choppy but better once we crossed into the Bay itself. We even had 2 dolphins ride our wake for a little while. I don't know a lot about dolphins but one was either pregnant or in need of more wake-riding. I've never seen a chunky dolphin before!

It's very pretty here though not as stunning as our first anchorage (Little Shark River). The bay is very large and you can see Miami on the northern horizon. The water is amazingly clear and green, like cut glass. There are a lot of boats in the bay, mostly motor boats. When we arrived at an anchorage area (Hal had recommended it) there was no one here. After we anchored out a ways from shore we saw a dozen or so boats come in, all in the "designated no wake anchorage area" (we hadn't realized there was a designated area). We were about a 1/4 mile from there. I think it was more rolly where we were but less noisy too - some of the anchored boats were having a fun Friday night! I think picking the perfect anchorage spot is a real art, even if you know you can anchor in the area - what exact spot do you pick? Too shallow and you're grounded in a low tide, in the current or wind and you're rolly-poley, to close to a channel and you're rockin' in other boats wakes. We're trying to pay attention so we get it down asap.

We decided to test out the bimini top that Martin designed and made this fall. Though windy, it was less so than in Key West so we gave her a try. I LOVE the bimini (the pic above). It's basically an umbrella roof that covers the back area of the boat. It has mosquito netting on it for when we get buggy in the summer. With it up, we gain a whole seating area on a sunny/not-too windy day (neither Martin nor I enjoy sitting in the sun.) It's wonderful and gives us a lot more usable space on the boat.

We took the dinghy out and cruised through the anchorage area checking things out. Then we went to the National Biscayne Bay Park that is only accessible by boat. There's a camp ground and hiking trail so we went for a walk.

Tonight is it blissfully calm and not windy. I haven't slept through the night in 2 nights - that "slap-happy" sound can be mighty loud when it's windy. I'm looking forward to a quiet night but tomorrow we're expecting a low front that is bringing high gusting winds, rain and maybe thunderstorms with it. Our plan is to head out asap in the morning to get to Fort Lauderdale before the heavy winds do.

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