Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainy days in Fort Lauderdale

I thought I would post a quick update though it's been a very quiet few days. It's been raining (hard) and in a way it's been very nice. We've been staying inside reading, gaming, quilting and relaxing. I think it's especially welcome after the intensity of last week.

We had a lovely evening last Thursday that was very unexpected. There was a party here at the marina, it was a vendor-style party that was set up like a wedding reception. We took advantage of the open bar, got a tour of a beautiful 74-foot Fairline power boat and enjoyed a capoeira demonstration and aerialist performance. We also met and spoke with some other cruisers that are here at the marina.

Yesterday afternoon/evening there was a break in the rain so we turned Lucky around and took off the tender. Then we drove downtown via the river for dinner. It was so nice! We learned that there is a dock master downtown that moves/watches the boats. You tie up and are off... It's so much easier (and safer) than riding the bikes.

We were going to go explore the ICW and the river via tender today but we're waiting out the second rain so far. Tomorrow may be a better day for that. In the meantime, Martin got an antenna for my computer and it's so much easier/faster to surf!

The update on the home front is all good. Ghislaine said that Bean is getting stronger every day, eating well, and has learned how to use the little pet stairs to get up on the bed and couch. George is over his tantrum, sleeping next to Bean and also using the stairs. I'm very happy :)

The gulf stream is high through next Wednesday but the trend is going in the right direction. We're hoping for the end of the week...

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