Monday, March 2, 2009

On The Move Again (Thursday 2/26)

Each of our 3 passages has been successively worse as far as comfort goes. I'm sure some day we'll travel on a day that is not windy and choppy but until then, I am developing a great distaste going anywhere in the boat. Stick me in a marina and call me Happy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

We left Key West this morning and truth be told, part of my bad attitude is a genuine sadness at leaving. Saying goodbye to a goofy, perky, happy-go-lucky town and more importantly, to Richard, was a downright drag.

As we left this morning we had a little crowd of people who have made up our neighborhood for the past 2.5 weeks there with us, even at 7:30am. (Of course we were all wide awake after hearing a sailboat smack into a powerboat as it left - it was a very windy morning!) The couple from Quest with the 3 golden retrievers came by, Bill, Linda and their cat Lily came up to wave goodbye, and Moose. It was a nice send-off!

So, shaking off the doldrums (that's meant as an ironic play on words :) ...we are at Duck Key. It's not a destination location for us, but a stop-over on our way to Biscayne Bay. The island is very small and covered with beautiful homes and a large resort - Hawks Cay. The marina doesn't have wifi - this is my personal marker for a good marina, you've probably gotten that by now...

The marina has non-floating docks that we had to tie up to - here's that learning curve again :) If a dock floats, you tie up to cleats on the dock and the dock and boat move up and down with the tide. If it doesn't float, there are large pillars that you throw a rope around in addition to cleats and the boat goes up and down in relation to the dock. The line-tying is a bit different so it was something new to learn. It's very windy and bumpy but we're secure and not moving at all.

I have a new term for the "frwaping" noise of water smacking the boat silly - slap-happy. It's windy and really slap-happy here.

Okay, it's 5:00 and I only have an hour or so left if I want to see Duck Key - I'm off...we're going to bike around the island.

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