Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A slight delay


We didn't leave Fort Lauderdale today.

One of Steph's cats, Bean, caught a virus last weekend.  Like with most virus infections, Bean has had a temperature, lack of appetite and other, more serious, symptoms like water in the lungs and a heart murmur.  She's been at the Vets since Sunday.  Yesterday she turned the corner, her temperature came down and her heart and lungs are back to normal.

She is not out of the woods, however.  She still has a slight temperature (103) and hasn't eaten yet.

As we're not sure of the connectivity in Bimini, we're staying here until we're sure Bean will make it through.  That way Steph can talk to vets and our house sitter, Ghislaine, and keep informed.  We're hoping she'll be released home today and that the comfort of home minus the stress of hospital will calm Bean down enough so she'll eat.

The weather window still seems open through Sunday, though winds are beginning to pick up.  Hopefully we'll be off in the next day or so.

Fingers crossed for Bean!

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Louise said...

Oh, poor Bean! She's so cute. We are both holding positive thoughts for a fast and complete recovery.