Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back at Sampson Cay Marina and back to rain

Dang but we're having a lot of rain! We left Cambridge this morning at about 10:30. The forecast called for isolated squalls and since the sky was looking pretty gray, we headed out hoping to beat whatever was coming... We went outside the bank and down the Exuma sound side (deep) because the water was calmer to the east. We headed back into the bank via a large cut and bam - we found ourselves heading into a squall - along with 4 other large motorboats. We were all pretty close to each other and hauling butt southward toward Compass Cay and Sampson Cay marinas. It was pretty impressive to see a big motorboat out about 4 miles with lightening shooting down into the water about a mile off of it. I say "impressive", Martin wouldn't use that word exactly...

Well we got here safe and sound. And we got laundry tokens and internet hook-up and even had lunch. (I have to say, we had a fine time in the restaurant as well.) Hopefully the rain will back off tonight and tomorrow we'll be able to get fuel for Lucky and the dinghy and be off for Warderick Wells. Today - we're having another cozy day in the boat and enjoying having internet and of course, updating our blog! (blogger likes me again - I can post now)

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