Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pizza, Pigs and Lionfish

Just a quick update - I posted some fun photos on the pic of the day today. A few of the pigs at Big Major Cay yesterday. We brought them our organic garbage. It got exciting when one tried to climb into the dinghy. We didn't get a photo of that, Martin and I were too panicked trying to escape, but you get the idea! Some more pics from dinner last night at Club Thunderball with CJ & Margie. Martin and I walked up and were shocked to find out that it was a solid 30 minute walk on the winding roads. We're used to walking but really, it's HOT here. We were the only ones who didn't get there by dinghy, car or golf cart. On the way, some cruisers took pity on us and after they dropped off their wives, they came and gave us a lift in their cart :) The walk back was at night in the dark with a ton of stars, it was cool (and downhill) and Awesome!

The wind has calmed down some so this morning we went snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto where they filmed the James Bond movie. It's a cave in a rock - incredibly beautiful. (The pictures came out much darker than it actually was in the cave). AND I spotted a lionfish outside the rock and CJ & Margie were there with their spear - one less lionfish - yay! It was creepy too because it wouldn't die - a fish, speared on stick out, of water, and it just kept moving and moving... Yikes! I'm going to try to find a spear this afternoon. I would love to be able to "give back" by taking out some of these invasive fish!

We have a chilled afternoon ahead (spear shopping?) and then a fancy dinner up at Fowl Cay this evening. Life is sooooo good.

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