Sunday, May 17, 2009

Norman's Cay (Tuesday night)

We left Tuesday for Norman's. The wind had picked up quite a bit and we had plenty of chop on the way down but it wasn't too bad. We arrived at Norman's and anchored almost exactly where we were last week. The anchorage was quite full by nightfall with about a dozen boats. We dove the anchor and took the dinghy out to see the airplane wreck on the south side of the island. Norman's Cay is somewhat notorious for it's drug-smuggling history. The wreck that sits in very shallow water was delivering sod to the island, and supposed to leave with cocaine but something went wrong, and now it's an island attraction! (see pic) Today, the cay is inhabited by a few people and there is still an airstrip on the island. We saw several small planes and helicopters coming and going.

Tuesday evening was the most uncomfortable night we've spent yet on the hook. The winds kicked up and we were a rolling. I couldn't sleep on my side because the boat would roll violently enough to flip me over onto my back. Sigh. It was a long night. No surprise then that we cut our time short and headed out to Shroud Cay on Wednesday morning.

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