Monday, May 11, 2009

Generator fixed!

So we got a call at 9:30 this morning from the generator folks.  After a quick phone diagnostic, the mechanic was on his way.  Traffic must have been a little slower than anticipated as it took  him a little longer than expected to arrive, but by 10:30 he was down in the engine room unbolting stuff.

He quickly determined that the impeller was turning, so my fear of a crunched pump was unrealized.  A little more sleuthing didn't turn anything new up.  While watching him work, I was looking straight down on the top of the pump and noticed a slight gap between the rear plate and the pump housing.  Once the mechanic tightened down on the bolts, the pump was able to draw water.  So there was an air gap that prevented the pump from pumping water.

Unfortunately, now there was water spraying everywhere.  Once the pump starts to turn, it pressurizes the water and that was enough to force it out.  Taking the whole pump off the generator allowed him to tighten down and make sure that both plates were securely in place.   Once the pump was back on the generator everything worked fine!

So we're back to the Exumas tomorrow.

We went shopping for some more groceries and I took the opportunity to get a few spares:
  • pencil zincs
  • secondary fuel filter
  • oil filter
  • oil
  • coolant
I already have a few of these, but extra can't hurt!

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