Saturday, May 23, 2009

Updated route

I've updated the route to include our trip back to Nassau and our recent Exuma explorations.  If you have good connectivity, I highly recommend switching to satellite view for the Exumas.  You get a really good idea of the water, islands and marinas.

I also add a little commentary for each stop and passage.  Click on the symbol or line to read.


Leslie said...

You are right the satellite view
is much better. I guess the turquoise
blue water near the islands means it
is very shallow.

Martin said...

We can actually cross the light blue as that's between 6' and 13'. It's the white we have to be wary of as that goes from 6' to dry. as we have a draft of 3' 8", we can skip along the edge of white, but I'm always focused on the depth finder!