Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thunder and Lightening

Today is the first really "bad" weather day we've had here but I'm loving it! It's been raining all day with lots of thunder and lightening. I miss that on the west coast! It's nice to have a relaxing day after our fun night yesterday.

Martin and I went to dinner at the Fowl Cay Resort restaurant with CJ & Margie. We got picked up at the marina on a nice 29ish foot boat. We went by Pazzia and picked up CJ & Margie and then headed for the restaurant just north of the Big Major anchorage. There was only us and one other couple, a really nice British couple celebrating their 20th anniversary. The food was great and unlimited wine...but the company definitely made the evening! I just love CJ & Margie. Their boat name says it all in Italian - "Pazzia = crazy, lunacy" :) The ride home was Awesome! The same guy drove but this time in a local skiff - a big hollow boat with no lights, seating for 2 and nothing else. I'll try to get a picture of a similar boat later. He was taking himself and another employee home to Black Point after dropping us off (about 5 miles south of Staniel). So I stood in the boat and held on to a rope attached to the front so I wouldn't fall over and we went flying back -lots of stars but no moon, with no lights - just racing through black water in the dark on warm/humid night. It was soooo cool.

This morning we woke up to gray skies and lots and lots of rain. I met a couple yesterday when I went to the Blue Store (where I scored the last avocado!) who are cruising on a trawler. Martin and I sat at the bar with Barbara & Jack in the afternoon talking and they invited us over to see their boat. So this morning Martin and I headed out to the anchorage at Big Majors. You can see from the pic how lovely the weather was as we headed out in the dinghy! Their boat, Searcher, is a 42-foot, 1984 Kadey-Krogen that they've remodeled. It's so homey and there is so much space! Hmmm, I definitely like the trawlers... We had a really nice visit and Barbara made fresh conch salad as a snack. I've never had it (Martin absolutely refuses to eat it - the conch is raw and he calls them big snails). I was pretty anxious about tasting it but it was great! Very much like ceviche. We were going to swing by Pazzia on the way back but were soaked within seconds so we waved hello and came back to enjoy a lazy, rainy afternoon snuggled up in Lucky.

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Sean said...

The KK42 is on our "short list" of boats...

Martin is right, conch is a snail. Which doesn't mean it isn't delicious.