Monday, May 25, 2009

Sampson Cay - Thunder & Lightening & Rain

Okay - after 3 days of thunder and lightening, the excitement is over and we're okay with the sun coming back!

We spent the last three nights at Sampson Cay Marina. The marina is very clean with a good store, laundry facilities and showers. Unfortunately, we've had a disappointing time here. While a couple of people at the marina have been very nice, the restaurant staff managed to intimidate us (and our friends) away from having the "audacity" to eat there! (A drag since it's the only place to eat, other than your boat...) We had a great dinner on Friday and then it was all down hill. Not to belabor the point, it's just too bad - the facility is lovely but the attitude wasn't, and we won't be coming back here.

The marina was a minor thing though. We had such a great weekend! With Pazzia and Searcher as our neighbors on the same dock we had a wonderful weekend. We hung out, got to know each other better, walked the pups and got to see Falcy (CJ & Margie's parrot) "do the chicken" which is a parrot dance :) Friday we enjoyed a great dinner together. Saturday we all got together for an impromptu barbeque with rum punch... Yesterday we were getting very tired of the rain so we decided to head out between storms to try to snorkel. We got caught in one heck of a downpour (see pics). We found a monster-sized starfish and a great time! Then we had CJ & Margie over for a chicken curry dinner.

I'm really excited about the next few days - we're going to anchor out with CJ & Margie and the pups. We woke up this morning to NO wind and blue sky and it's absolutely gorgeous. We're heading just a couple of miles north to an anchorage off of Pipe Cay. Our plans include exploring by dinghy and serious snorkeling.

I was just thinking this morning that this trip is going so well and living up to all of our expectations. Martin dreamt of sitting alone at anchor in turquoise water, off a gorgeous beach, swimming and snorkeling. I fantasized about exploring the islands, meeting interesting people, making friends and enjoying the "cruising lifestyle". I feel so, so fortunate - we're doing it all and enjoying it all...

Okay, we have one hour to hit the store for fresh produce, batten down the hatches and head out before the tide gets too low… We’ve kind of forgotten about our temporary “itinerary” so I don’t really know when we’ll be on line again but I’m sure it won’t be long!

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Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Somehow i think snorkeling in a rain storm would be so cool. I'd love to try it sometime. :)