Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hanging Out at Highborne Cay

We arrived at Highborne around 1:00 Tuesday. We check in, signed up for internet, dropped the dinghy off the back, had lunch and took the bikes out to tour the island. It felt great to get back on them. The island is really beautiful. The island is privately owned and it looks like there's a lot of construction going on. The Cay is about 3 miles long so it's easy to get around on the bike. Most people in the marina use golf carts.

Life back in a marina is lovely and hot! It' so breezy when you're anchored out, we'd forgotten how hot it is on land, especially in a "protected" marina which by definition is "protected" from wind and waves. We grilled some our fabulous mahi-mahi last night and Martin gave a try at his verson of Bahamian peas & rice (it was great). It's our favorite new dish, made with rice and beans called pigeon peas. The marina is small and runs along the shoreline so people walk by all the time. We enjoyed chatting with people all afternoon. We met a couple that used to have the exact same boat as Lucky. They were so funny - they said that after a 3.5 week trip then turned her in for a 55 foot Viking. When we told them we were living on Lucky for a year their eyes popped! Really, I don't think Lucky is That small, it's certainly no smaller than my 220 foot studio in Berkeley...

Wednesday we got up well rested from a very peaceful and quiet evening. We had to sleep with the hatches down and air on - there are "noseeums" here. I've never experienced them before - yikes. How can something too small to see bite so well? This morning I went to the end of the dock where the fish cleaning area is. This is where the fishermen clean their fish and the nurse sharks, sting rays, needle fish and gulls hang out for scraps. I got some great pictures! Then we went snorkeling at Octopus Garden on the north side of the cay. We tried a couple of other sites but 2 were on the east (ocean) side and not calm enough for the dinghy. We saw a HUGE lion fish. It's the first time I wish we spear-fished. Then we could have taken care of it. They are eating up all the reef fish in the Bahamas and Caribbean and it's a sad thing to see.

This morning we are heading out to Norman's Cay. We had a nice morning chatting with some other cruisers. CJ and Maggie and their 2 mini-dachshunds are neighbors and they're heading down to Norman as well. In fact, we met a few people heading south and expect to see them again. We noticed several boats here that we saw up in Atlantis - we're all making the southward cruise.

The web was down last night so I'm going to post this quickly before we check out. The pic of the day is updated as well. We'll be back in a week or so!

I found the website for the Exuma Land & See Park this morning and got a ton of great information. Here's the link if you're interested:

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