Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Off to Norman's (Again!)

We're fixed up and ready to go and very excited to be heading back to Norman's Cay tomorrow. We definitely made the best of our long weekend in Nassau and had a really good time (despite both of us being a bit uptight about having to come back ;-) The internet connection here is great and we were able to catch up with friends and family on skype. We called Bahama Divers and set up a refresher course for Sunday morning and a one tank afternoon dive. Saturday night we checked out a restaurant I read about in a local magazine. We went to Shogun Revolver that night and Wow! It was one of the best meals we've ever had. Think Gary Denko's...that's how great it was. We did the chef's choice menu with wine/sake pairings. Dang...did we get tipsy! I have a great photo of Martin in pic of the day. (Shhh, he hasn't seen it yet...)

Sunday, somehow, we felt fine, and went to our class/dive. It was a shallow boat dive (only 35 feet at it's deepest) and was a great refresher ("lighthouse wreck" just off the north end of Paradise Island). We saw lots of midnight parrot fish - big, blue and gorgeous. (They drove through Atlantis on the way back and I got some more pics of the resort from the water.) Now we're back into the flow of things I can't wait for Staniel Cay where there's a dive shop. We had a nice dinner on the boat afterward. This evening we went to the Green Parrot after walking into town to buy boat parts and groceries.

For the past couple of months our nightly indulgence has been watching Battlestar Gallictica. Last night we finished up season 3.0 and found out who 4 of the "final 5" are. For people who don't watch much tv we have become AVID BSG fans!

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