Friday, May 8, 2009

Detour - Back in Nassau

Well, we are back at Nassau, in Hurricane Hole this time. Our generator conked out at Norman's Cay yesterday. Norman's is incredibly beautiful. We arrived, put on our snorkeling gear and checked the anchor, then swam to shore. We had lunch at the Norman Cay Beach Club, aka MacDuff's. The anchorage was calm and gorgeous. Then we tried to make water and found that, well, enough said, we're back in Nassau.

Martin will post details I'm sure but my "lay" understanding is that the raw water is not flowing through the system. Martin looked and the impeller was trashed. There are 5 marine stores in Nassau and we found the impeller at the last store. Talk about anxiety... Anyway, we got the part and Mart put it in and...still not working. The same error that it's the cooling system. So after trying all afternoon, it won't work. We've called a local dealer but of course, it's Friday evening and they said they'd call Monday. The weather is perfect and calm - no wind for the first time since we got to the Bahamas and we're in Nassau.

Spirits are very low here.


Louise said...

I'm sorry you're having equipment problems. Sounds like you're climbing a very un-fun learning curve.

When things go kaput on the bus, it helps me to remember that we still have wine and hey, we're not at work!

Right now we're parked at a pretty low-end casino in Crescent City because Opal was quite sick yesterday and we needed a vet. She's a bit better today and we have wine...


Steph said...

Oh no, I hope that Opal is okay. Is it something that you can treat?

You're very right! This morning we got up and, to use language from work, "reappraised" our situation. We're in the Bahamas where it's hot and sunny and we're not at work... We went to a dive shop nearby and booked a refresher course for tomorrow morning and then an afternoon dive. Now that we're in Nassau with free time, we can get some diving in. And we have wine (and rum) :)